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Effective Tutoring Programs to Meet the Individual’s Needs

EES tutoring programs are designed to meet the needs of the student. We are able to provide high quality and research based assessments to determine areas not yet mastered by the student. All EES tutoring programs utilize materials that are research-based and mastery learning programs using a curriculum aligned to state academic content standards for each grade and subject. The instruction delivery using Manipulative Methodology (children benefit when they understand and can relate new concepts with concrete materials, especially when learning math concepts [Patricia Bentham, 2010]) and the Constructivist Methodology, utilizing modeling, coaching, and scaffolding techniques where appropriate. Manipulative and Constructivist mode of deliveries are research based teaching methods that can be adapted to meet the needs of each student. By delivering the instruction in small groups rather than classroom environment, the tutor has the flexibility to determine the best method. Our program maximizes this time on task for those students struggling in a classroom environment. Student time on task is supported by delivering assignments in smaller intervals; using highly stimulating materials; and using engagement strategies. According to ADHD Information Library, these methods have found to be beneficial to students, especially those with attentional learning disabilities.

Educate Empower Succeed welcomes you as a potential educational services provider for your summer school and afterschool tutoring needs.

EES is an experienced educational and tutoring services provider with a proven track record of effectiveness for students in grades K-12. Students participating in an EES tutoring program have consistently demonstrated an increase in scores between pre-assessment and post-assessment:

We achieve this by collaborating with schools to create tutoring programs specific to their needs and providing a research-based and mastery learning curriculum program centered on Arizona State Standards. At an administrative level, our programs are cost-effective and turn-key taking the burden off of the school. EES works with your education team to ensure the program is implemented on time and within budget guidelines.

What Subjects Can Be Tutored?

EES has a diverse pool of tutors available to provide services to meet the most commonly requested contents areas, as well as those unique courses. We have provided kindergarten through college level tutoring in math, language arts, geography, social studies, foreign languages, and science. We also offer GED, SAT, ACT, PSAT, and ASVAB tutoring. Tutoring is available for certification and vocational schools in areas such as written driver’s license, certified nursing assistant, respiratory therapy, cosmetology and more! We specialize in math and reading intervention. Is your student athlete not able to participate in sports due to academic probation – we can help! If you do not see your particular tutoring need listed, please call us and we will find a tutor to meet your needs.


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